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XVth International Summer University
at the German-Kazakh University in Almaty
from 17. to 30. Juli 2017
„Green Energy and Green Economy – new trends for Central Asia“

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XIV th International Summer University at the German-Kazakh University in Almaty from 15. to 26. August 2016 „New Roads for Sustainable Development"

I. Invitation

The German-Kazakh University (GKU) invites in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Foundation (DAAD) students from Germany and Central Asia to participate at the XIVth International Summer University in 2016!

II. Modules

The summer university 2016 will offer 3 courses. Students can apply for one of them. Each course group of 10-15 students will be taught by an experienced lecturer in English language. Course work consists of group work, seminars, presentations, and excursions and will usually cover the time until lunch. After lunch we plan a time slot for presentations. Here all participants of the summer university can listen to external experts or topics of general interest. Students who wish to present their own research projects are invited to contribute!

Course: Economics

Topic: Global, Intercultural and Strategic Competence in Business Management

Lecturer: Prof. Otto Hammer, HS Mittweida

Course: Management of natural Resources

Topic: Transboundary Environmental Resource Management in Central Asia

Lecturer: Prof. Michael Walther, WWF Mongolei

Course: Social Sciences

Topic: Livelihoods and mobility in Central Asia

Lecturer: Dr. Claus Bech Hansen (tbc), ZEF, Uni Bonn

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III. Cultural program

As the summer university also intends to create an impression on the region Central Asia, the state Kazakhstan and the city of Almaty we also plan a variety of events like field trips and mountain hikes, sightseeing, interactive and guided visits to exhibitions. Most of the costs will be covered by the tuition fee.

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IV. Scholarships

a. Students from Germany

Students and young academics from Germany are eligible to apply for 1 out of 10 DAAD founded scholarships. The scholarship consists of a lump sum to cover subsistence costs, travel allowance and tuition fee. For more information, please visit: https://goeast.daad.de/de/25457/index.html The application procedure requires that interested students must apply in parallel at the GKU for admission and at the DAAD for a scholarship!

b. Students from Central Asia

Students and young academics from Central Asian countries can apply for admission at the GKU. Depending on availability of funds the GKU will provide scholarships to cover travel allowance in Central Asia, accommodation costs in shared rooms and tuition fees.

V. Costs

The tuition fee for students from Germany is 650 EUR, for students from Central Asia 15.000 Tenge. It must be paid on the first day of the summer university. Students without a scholarship can ask for assistance to organize flights and rooms at reasonable costs. We also recommend asking the international office of your home university, if they can support you.

VI. Application at the GKU

Requirements are:

• Strong interest in the specific topic of the course, the region Central Asia and a record of activities in the context of “Sustainability”

• Adequate English language skills (please include test results, if available)

• Letter of motivation, which has a relation to the chosen course topic

• Proof of enrollment at a university (or university of applied sciences)

• Filled in questionnaire (download here)
VII. Certificate

Participants of the summer university will receive a certificate stating the topic of the course and the number of ECTS obtained (3-4).

International Office (Elena Asmus): int_office@dku.kz


XIII. Internationale Sommeruniversität "Innovationen für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung: Erfahrungen und Projekte" (2015)


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